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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Me & My self ;))

Hyee.. Assalammualaikum?im Ayuni or you can called me Eyun or Unnie :)
Actually im not good in describing about myself,although its "easy" as 1 2 3,but for me its NOT lol!

So,Where should i start? Okay,i live in Brunei(if you didn't know where is it,Google it!) LOL.My age is 20 something ;p,Im short,a ordinary girl who loves a cute thing,who's choosy in food(i don't like Veges,Yikes! ), who loves pink and most of all Barbie lover lol.I have a big family,i have bothers and sisters,which means im a Baby of the family hehe :*

I can be a crybaby,lose temper,and jealousy type.I don't like to be scold or to be yelled, cos' its killing me. I love to be pampered and to be loved but yet im kind of person who's care about everything that i loved and owned. I can be a good listener and a good friend.I don't like cheating or lying,cos for me its unfair. I hate copycaters,backstabber and cheater. While i love people who's honest and sincere, and yeah,i adore pets,i love to watch cartoons, i love candy and icecream alot! hehe.

When its come to dress up,i love to be simple yet elegant and trendy but not too over dressed lol!,i love Victoria's secret perfume,and also i love purse and heels,lot more than anything haha.

Oh yeah,i forgot to mentions that im no longer studying,but yet Insyaallah i'll be continue my study again soon or have a full-time job.
Not yet married lol, cos for now i need to spend more time with my family and friends ;p

So i think that's all you have to know about myself hehe.
Nothing quite interesting in me i guess lol
So.. Nice to know you,Happy reading. (:


Love ya! xoxo :*


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