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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My portrait x)

Hye guys~ Lawa kan my portrait~?? hehe~ ani my friend lukiskan~
Thanks "Din"~ i love this portrait ALOT! heheh~ x)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Here AGAIN!! :P

HOLAAAAA~~~ heheh~ ehem.. ani kan update bukan pasal apa lah.. for my friends saja,haha.. sorry guys aku active balik my FB and my MSN.. jangan marahh.. hahah:P
paham-paham saja,sometimes aku inda busy wahh,
boring juga saya tu.. hehe

Hmm.. and the other things aku kan cakap di sini, is about my Novel and all my story dalam blog ani is my
OWN IDEA so please please please,DON'T COPY my story ani okay,esspecially my Novel,
okay thanks.. i really appreciate for that :))

Monday, May 11, 2009

Apa uh~?


Hey guyss~ assalammualaikum~? :))
Well,actully i've got nothing to do this morning,thats why i decide to update my blog,eventhough my story belum update. hehe.. but later busy lah.. just like the usual.. :D

*sigh* hmm.. as you all knew,i'm having a hard time now,but i just sabar saja,and i can move on lah..besides, i got my family and my friends yang always support me.. :') and thanks for that~~

Dalam dunia ani bukannya kekal pun,and as i was saying
this things happen banyak mengajar aku pasal kejujuran and kesabaran~ and i know~ tuhan sentiasa ada~ and ketani pun inda dapat menjangkakan apa yang akan jadi lagi lepas ni~ tuhan yang menentukan~ ,semua ani dugaannya~ i just accept :') who knows,maybe after this,banyak hikmahnya..hmm.. melarat tah aku uh.. hahah~ jangan marah :P

Okay lah guys,till here~ if ada story~ i'll update lahh okay~:) lagipun,This is the only way kan meluahkan perasaan ku :P awww~ ada-ada saja.. heheh~ okayy~ taaaaaa ;))

"A prayer"

From the first day I saw him

I knew we were meant to be.
I could see something special
Something no one else could see.

I still remember the day
That I realized it was love.
I smiled inside and thought
“He must be sent from up above.”

“God has sent me my own angel”
I said to anyone who’d hear.
“I am going to marry this man’
I yelled and wiped away a tear.

So now tell me how it came to this?
This angel broke my heart.
The man I thought I knew
Is tearing me apart.

Doesn’t he see how bad I’m hurting?,
Does he know sometimes I want to die?
Can’t he hear me in the dark,
As I lay in bed and cry?

I feel the pain in my chest,
As my heart, it breaks in two.
I love this man with all I have
Oh god, what am I to do?

So now here I am, broken,
And all I can do is pray.
Pray,that one day,he'll regret,
and he'll feel the pain as i do
and that time he will NEVER see me again,EVER!..

I pray to You the almighty Allah,
Please fix my broken heart,
Please help me to move on with my new life..