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Monday, May 11, 2009

"A prayer"

From the first day I saw him

I knew we were meant to be.
I could see something special
Something no one else could see.

I still remember the day
That I realized it was love.
I smiled inside and thought
“He must be sent from up above.”

“God has sent me my own angel”
I said to anyone who’d hear.
“I am going to marry this man’
I yelled and wiped away a tear.

So now tell me how it came to this?
This angel broke my heart.
The man I thought I knew
Is tearing me apart.

Doesn’t he see how bad I’m hurting?,
Does he know sometimes I want to die?
Can’t he hear me in the dark,
As I lay in bed and cry?

I feel the pain in my chest,
As my heart, it breaks in two.
I love this man with all I have
Oh god, what am I to do?

So now here I am, broken,
And all I can do is pray.
Pray,that one day,he'll regret,
and he'll feel the pain as i do
and that time he will NEVER see me again,EVER!..

I pray to You the almighty Allah,
Please fix my broken heart,
Please help me to move on with my new life..


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