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Friday, December 3, 2010

Confused =='

Wanting that person but still emotionally confused, your heart is telling you one thing, but your mix emotions is making it hard for you, we might be moving to fast so lets take it slow, our friendship is going to last, no matter the optical, I’m willing to make it work with you in any form or fashion, my desire for you is deep but how deep is your passion, not trying to put you in a lock down situation, but I’m trying to tell my feelings for you are great and I’m willing to be patient, if you listen to what I say you would know that I’m saying take your time and follow you heart, I will not depart, the feeling of being alone like no ones there is not how I want to you feeling cause I’m hear, we could be something great I can just feel it, but the moment I don’t wont to kill, to life and to my heart I have to pay my dues, the love I long for I don’t want to losses it before I have it so let me change the mood, you just let me know when you stop feeling. Emotionally Confused


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