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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just saying

People used to judge me,"you're so selfish" "you easily get mad with a small matter" "you always expect someone to understand you but you NEVER try to understand them!" 

Seriously for me,i don't usually get mad for no reason,and im NOT being selfish IF they're not one of them,and yes,to be frankly im not good in making people feel comfortable or even to understand them,i did tried but i failed,Yeah..Nobody's perfect right? (:

Sometimes i feel like im a victims of circumstance,you know what i mean.
Its like, i tried to make people happy but it turned out to be wrong and i dont have any idea why is that? )': 

When its come to love,im the one who's in TOO much side,you know what i mean right? haha.its like i love,care,miss,and need TOO much?while they're just in constant side,*sigh* how i wish i can ignore everything and stop thinking about it,but that is soooo not me! 
Why always me? i just wish that someone could understand what's really got into me.I know Allah always by my side,and know what's the best for me.

Here,this is the only way i could express myself,trying to let the World know how i actually feel,and im proudly say that Im not good enough,but this is me,i just love to be myself,im not giving myself up,not now,not EVER! (:

Okay,post again soon,Love ya! xoxo! :*




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