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Friday, February 7, 2014

weird but its true

Did you ever feel that when you're fall yourself to sleep?
 i have a weird dream but i know its real! In my dream,i was in a middle of a dark side of my home, and suddenly i can feel that something's squeezing my body,and its like .. you don't have any guts to wake up,breathless,and you can hear the sounds of the wind blows,and the creepy part is i heard someone's laughing at me i know i wasn't dreaming cos i can feel and hear it.

Oh boy.. i feel my back neck hair start to rise up,im getting scared! all i can do is pray to the Almighty Allah,"Allahuakbar,Allahuakbar" and Alhamdulilah.I can finally wake up. well it happened to me just now and i straight away share with you lol.. im still sweating ;/ oh god. i feel like in the Insidious movie,almost the same ): you don't believe me? well now you have to.Im not joking around, its trueeeee!

Okay have a sweetdream later.

Post it again soon. love ya. Xoxo! :*



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