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Friday, January 4, 2019


Dear my Bloggy, today is my worst day ever.😔

My heart officially broken now..

i feel numb..
i feel like i wanna cry but i can't..

it tells me and it hit me .. that..
People can be so damn cruel nowadays..
they only think about themselves,
didnt feel any guilt at all,


i just dont get it..
i change myself to be a better person, to be good enough for someone,

STILL i cant be good enough NOT EVER..

and now i get it..
this is how life suppose to be.
i have to accept the reality of life.
no one to be trust nowadays..

Thanks to you..
im done.
i give up.

You WIN.


Unknown said...


Barbie Princess said...

who's there?

Unknown said...

Enel ✌

Barbie Princess said...

Enel? hmm let me guess. Daniel? 🤔🤔🤔😁

Unknown said...

Yup. How r u ?

Barbie Princess said...

wow. didnt expect you know this blog? lol.
Im good, alhamdulilah, and u?😊👌

Unknown said...

Im great, thanks for asking. Its been a really long time. Hows life ?

Barbie Princess said...

life was okay, i guess. as usual.. and you?

Unknown said...

Good to hear that. Mcm biasa la got the ups and downs but i'll survive. So what u been up to lately ? And im wondering, you know which daniel kah you're talking with ?

Unknown said...

Hey sorry for bothering u. The reason im looking for u is because i want to say sorry for what ive done in the past. Forgive me and have a great life ahead 😉😋

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