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Saturday, March 23, 2019


Dear Bloggy~

I know i haven't update any of my stories to you lately cos' its no longer hype nowadays tho :p HAHA. But no worries, you always be my number one Bloggy ever! *kisskiss.

Anyway, There's nothing new about me, except my age is getting older :'( *OH NO!!!!!
Hmm.. Kinda living with my life, Freedom & happy as always. *Alhamdulilah :) hehehe, tho im kinda addicted to games now... *OUCH! IKNOW! ,i never play games before ,*EVER! but dude, im kinda carried away. :p and the craziest thing about games is, makes me stay up late and the next morning you have to wake up early and your head was like *OH I NEED SOME SLEEP!! I HAVE TO SLEEP EARLY TOMORROW :( but nopppppeeeee!! you know its not gonna happen right? HAHA!

Well, enough about that, all im trying to say here is, No matter how hard it gets or you've been through a hard time, im gonna promise you this.. You will get through this when you think about yourself first, Learn to to love yourself more.

Post it again soon.


Friday, January 4, 2019


Dear my Bloggy, today is my worst day ever.😔

My heart officially broken now..

i feel numb..
i feel like i wanna cry but i can't..

it tells me and it hit me .. that..
People can be so damn cruel nowadays..
they only think about themselves,
didnt feel any guilt at all,


i just dont get it..
i change myself to be a better person, to be good enough for someone,

STILL i cant be good enough NOT EVER..

and now i get it..
this is how life suppose to be.
i have to accept the reality of life.
no one to be trust nowadays..

Thanks to you..
im done.
i give up.

You WIN.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hanya insan biasa

Aku menunggu,
Aku mencari,
Aku meratap,
Aku menangis..

Aku masih sesat,
Aku masih gugur! Jatuh! Lemah!

Mata yang melihat,
Hati yang buta,
Kenapa amat berat?
Kenapa mesti aku?

Mulut yang ada, tidak terbuka,
Hanya ungkapan airmata.

Kenangan telah dibina bersama,
Tetapi akhirnya menjadi debu juga.

Dengan ingatan tersimpan didada,
Biar hati ku disiksa derita,
Sehingga sampai masa pecahan kaca dihati ini bercantum semula.

Ayuni Naim
Sept 13th 2016